In 1836, General Antonio López de Santa Anna, arrived with an estimated 6,000 troops and immediately began a siege on the Alamo.  The Alamo was defended by a small force of 189 men. That force was commanded by Colonels James Bowie and William B. Travis and included the renowned frontiersman Davy Crockett.  For 13 days the Alamo’s defenders held out, but on the morning of March 6 the Mexicans stormed through a breach in the outer wall of the courtyard and overwhelmed the Texan forces. Historically those who surrendered were treated with certain level of respect.  Santa Anna would have none of it. Against the advice of his commanders, he ordered that no prisoners be taken and to kill all those who surrender.   Virtually all the defenders were slain. 

When Sam Houston the Commander and Chief of the Texas Army received word of the defeat at the Alamo he began a month-long retreat to regroup and replenish the Texas army's strength.  He was in command of a largely volunteer group of Texan and Mexican farmers. The bravado in the Texans spirit wanted swift justice and revenge for the massacres at the Alamo and Goliad.  Sam Houston knew his army were largely farmers with no military training.  Houston defended his position not to engage General Santa Ana multiple times and almost losing control of his forces to more bull headed subordinates.  He continued to retreat in effort to buy time to train and strengthen his men.

On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston and the Second Chance men attacked Santa Anna's army on the banks of the San Jacinto River, some remember this as the Sea of Mud.

Some 800 Texans defeated Santa Anna's Mexican force of approximately 1,500 men with cries of “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! God and Texas!” The battle lasted only 18 minutes and was a resounding victory for the Texans. The Mexican army was completely surprised by the stealthy Texians and didn’t have a chance to organize. It was a disaster for Santa Anna.  He cowered into civilian clothing and tried to escape in disguise for fear he would meet the same ending he tyrannically gave to those of The Alamo and Goliad.  He was captured two days later and sent to Washington DC.  The Texas Declaration of Independence would be signed on March 2nd and adopted at the Convention of 1836 at Washington-on-the-Brazos. This would eventually pave the way to Texas and California Statehood.


Sea of Mud is the embodiment of the Texan and American spirit.  When you are strong willed you do it your own way. When you are uncompromising and principled- second best never crosses your mind.  We are the reminder of the success that the everyday man and woman has when revolting against tyrants.  We are much more than a nation of immigrants.  We are a nation of iron-willed freedom fighters who were the first to flee the tyrannical grip of King George and those alike.  Our clothing allows you to talk less and say more. Americans always do what has to be done.  Our clothing is a symbol of the strength, courage and honor that is required to protect our freedoms and the traditional values of this great nation.  We are a Country blessed by God.  We encourage all to act accordingly.  


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