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9/11 Never Forget


A tribute to the nearly 3,000 souls lost on 9/11.  As time goes on; inevitably we have people who weren't alive during the event that was the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  For those of us who were alive on that tragic day;  We will never forget where we were when we first heard the news and the aftermath that soon would follow.  This shirt serves as tribute to those lost and a reminder to those who think about doing it again.  We will NEVER FORGET. 

It’s hard to believe that so many sacrificed their lives  domestically and over seas for a government that would later use the Patriot Act against its citizens and sitting president.  Never forget the the strength and courage of our brave men and women when the bell rings and duty calls.  Never forget that this is our country and when push comes to shove WE are, and always will be, it’s only protectors. We live and breath the words, “I͟N͟ G͟O͟D͟ W͟E͟ T͟R͟U͟S͟T͟.” They, on the hill, solute “ never let a tragedy go to waste.” 

N͟E͟V͟E͟R͟ F͟O͟R͟G͟E͟T͟ T͟H͟E͟ S͟T͟R͟E͟N͟G͟T͟H͟ A͟N͟D͟ W͟I͟L͟L͟ O͟F͟ T͟H͟E͟ A͟M͟E͟R͟I͟C͟A͟N͟ S͟P͟I͟R͟I͟T͟🇺🇸

22 years ago 248 people got on their morning flights, 2606 people went to work, 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, 8 paramedics all began their shifts as dedicated men and women of public service. None of them saw past 10am on September 11th 2001. Kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter and never take one second of your life and the people you love for granted.

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