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Stag Decanter Set

  • Inspire the spirit of the outdoors with the Antler Decanter Set. This decorative, 25 oz decanter measures at 8.5" in height, 5.5" in width at the top, and has a 3.5" base. A touchable glass antler stopper and two 12 oz stag antler glasses. Each glass has been decorated showcasing the beauty of wild animals on each glass. Its slender neck holds a replaceable stopper topped with antlers, while the elegant deer adorn every glass. Rare, eye-catching, designed in high end quality!
  • This Antler-inspired decanter combines the rugged look of antler with the sophistication of borosilicate glass. Add Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon, and Irish whiskey for a little hunt lodge charm. This rustic craft decanter set will be treasured by the man in your life who likes to hunt, fish, and get together with friends for a glass of his favorite scotch or bourbon.
  • Whether you're doing a whiskey tasting or just looking to pour yourself a delicious drink, this handsome decanter will help you enjoy your favorite liquor. Let your home bar go wild with the Stag Whiskey Glasses that feature a detailed silver colored stag figurine mounted on a hallmarked silver base. The perfect gift for the avid hunter or as an addition to your tableware collection. A beautiful statement piece, paying tribute to one of the most majestic animals.
  • This Stag Antler Decanter Set is a must have for the adventurer or true wine connoisseur. Our extensive craftsmanship has been implemented for this set to come to fruition. Even the most relaxed evening sipping wine becomes an upscale affair to remember with this beautiful stag set. Pour up and impress your guests with this uniquely crafted glassware.
  • Your hunt for the perfect drinking experience is over. This gorgeous and ornate stag decanter set captures the elegance and luxury of the beautiful stag. Recreate the feeling of a seeing a stag and toast with friends and family using this set of two silver-toned glasses. The stag wine glass set is a must have drinkware accessory for your wine adventure. Perfectly displayed in your bar, dining area, or home, this set makes a great gift for all occasions!

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