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Barracuda Full Tang Gut Hook Outdoor Hunting Knife



Meet the Barracuda, your trusty companion for all outdoor adventures. Whether you're hunting, camping, fishing, or conquering Mount Kilimanjaro, this knife is built to endure the elements and the test of time. The 4-inch blade, crafted from high carbon steel, boasts a stylish slash-textured finish—a look that not only adds a touch of cool but also ensures durability against scuffs and scratches during heavy use. The gut hook on the blade is a versatile feature, ideal for dressing field game, cutting rope, or managing fishing lines with ease. Designed with functionality and comfort in mind, the Barracuda features a full tang with smoothly contoured wooden mounts on either side, providing an exceptional grip for precision in any situation. The handle includes a lanyard hole, allowing you to secure the knife with a cord or rope for added convenience. Standing at 8.75 inches, the Barracuda is a compact yet powerful tool for your outdoor pursuits. Safely store and carry it in the heavy-duty handmade leather sheath that comes with every knife. Gear up with the Barracuda, your go-to knife for every adventure.



High Carbon Steel Blade: Crafted for durability, the 4-inch blade ensures reliable performance in any outdoor scenario.
Slash Textured Finish: Stylish and rugged, the slash-textured finish adds a cool look while protecting against scuffs and scratches.
Versatile Gut Hook: Perfect for dressing field game, cutting rope, or managing fishing lines with precision.
Full Tang Design: The knife features a full tang with contoured wooden mounts on either side, providing an excellent grip for various tasks.
Lanyard Hole: Conveniently located at the end of the handle, the lanyard hole allows you to attach a cord or rope to the knife for secure handling.

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