Below are my daily to weekly listens. They are in no specific order. But, I am a fanatic of all of them. I love their podcasts, I love their social media pages. These are Apple podcasts only. A couple that I listen to and that aren’t on apple are the following:

“The War Room” with Steve Bannon ( https://warroom.org/category/war-room-impeachment/ ) Politics
“The Herd Report” with Scott Beck ( https://www.sirebuyer.com/the-herd-report/ ) Cattle Industry & Breeding

The Dan Bonigo Show

Dan Bongino Podcast is a daily listen for me. Id be considered one of his “P 1” listeners. He is a former Secret service and now Fox news host. I haven’t missed an episode since 2015. He wrote the book “Spygate” which was ahead of anyone else in the political sphere and put him on the map. Its an easy read and will blow your mind. His next two books were equally great ( Exonerated, Follow the Money). Mark my words he has a crazy memory and ability to remember names and players in the deep state, with the Biden classified docs scandal- DAN WILL BE THE ONE TO CONNECT THE DOTS. He is worth a listen.

Modern Cowboy

Modern Cowboy- Dan Hillenbrand has a great approach to his format, “For the Cowboy in all of us.” Everyone has a little bit of cowboy in ‘em and Dan is exceptional in highlighting these qualities in the people he interviews. He has an eclectic bunch of people he has interviewed. Some people at face value aren’t cowboy at all. For instance one gentleman interviewed was the owner of a Bikini company. His cowboy spirit was tapped into by Dan in highlighting his love for the industry and culture. The interview followed the guest through his impressive world travels and then spontaneous urge to delve into the western culture by working on a ranch an inspiring personal interview that I found very motivating. Every guests brings something to the industry, wether it be in an entrepreneurial spirt or straight up Cowboy shit. This is a must download podcast!!


Undaunted.Life A Mans Podcast, by Kyle Thompson is one of my favorites. I haven’t missed one of his podcasts in about a year. His mission statement is,"Equipping men to push back darkness," and he does this by providing content that leads men to forge spiritual, mental, and physical resilience. He covers an array of topics martial arts, politics, sports, philosophy & current events. Most importantly he has helped me understand the word of God and what it means to be a real Man in present day. Society has done a lot to deconstruct masculinity and term what is left; as toxic. Kyle addresses this and the effects on our mental health as men. This year he started the “Forging Table” on Sundays and it is a GREAT Bible Study Podcast. He is a real, genuine guy. I thanked him on Instagram for an episode one day, letting him know he said just what I needed to hear in that moment. He replied right back with his feelings on the subject and that he appreciated me reaching and having kind words. Its not very often you find that level of commitment to the word of God and the sincerity that comes with it.

The Show Up Dad

The Show up Dad, by David Medonca is an absolute must for the Blue Collar, hardworking fathers out there. I just want to start off by saying not only will he help you understand yourself and you influence on you kids, he’ll help you understand your own father. Some of his episodes have undressed some insecurities that I didn’t even know I had and the effects they have on my children. Davids guests are anywhere from no-name, everyday, but extraordinary people to Doctors, prestigious Authors, Psychologists etc. He addresses the influence we have as Fathers in our homes and how positively navigate those waters. You’ll learn Fatherhood skills and learn how to be more than just a paycheck for your family.

Human Events.Daily

Human Events. Daily with Jack Posobiec. I’m not very well versed in Chinas historical relevance but A MUST LISTEN TO is his “China Files 1-5.” I listened to all five chapters 4 times. Chinas history into current day politics was fascinating and its like story time with Jack. If you look at what Wikipedia wrote on him; it's sort of an endorsement of his commitment to Liberty, our constitution and protecting American Values. They HATE him. Posobiec served as a Washington DC correspondent at One America News Network. Posobiec is a veteran intelligence officer of the United States Navy with multiple deployments including Guantanamo Bay and East Asia. At Guantanamo Bay, Posobiec served as a HUMINT (human intelligence) analyst in the interrogation cell. In 2014, he joined the Office of Naval Intelligence as an officer at the Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center which provided intelligence to Navy Special Warfare and Navy Expeditionary Combat Command . He’s legit- I’m catching up on episodes and everyone is great. But, the CHINA FILES- check em out now!!


Sea of Mud is the embodiment of the Texan and American spirit.  When you are strong willed you do it your own way. When you are uncompromising and principled- second best never crosses your mind.  We are the reminder of the success that the everyday man and woman has when revolting against tyrants.  We are much more than a nation of immigrants.  We are a nation of iron-willed freedom fighters who were the first to flee the tyrannical grip of King George and those alike.  Our clothing allows you to talk less and say more. Americans always do what has to be done.  Our clothing is a symbol of the strength, courage and honor that is required to protect our freedoms and the traditional values of this great nation.  We are a Country blessed by God.  We encourage all to act accordingly.  


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